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1st Glimpse 3D/4D/5D Ultrasound provides dependable mobile in-home ultrasound services in NYC,NJ and the surrounding area. Our team understands that your first glimpse of your new baby is a precious moment, so we can help celebrate it through our various ultrasound imaging services, specializing in 5D in-home ultrasounds.

Hey mama!

A couple of things to know before your appointment:


 One week before your appointment start drinking extra water and electrolytes. The more hydrated you are the clearer your pictures will be. Whatever you do, NO SODA.

See you soon Mom!
¡HOLA MAMÁ! Algunas cosas que debe saber antes de reservar: ¡HIDRATARSE !! Una semana antes de su cita, comience a beber más agua y electrolitos. Cuanto más hidratado esté, más claras serán sus imágenes. Hagas lo que hagas, NO SODA.




As we specialize in mobile 5D ultrasounds, 1st Glimpse 3D/4D/5D has the technology that produces more detailed images, giving you a better intimate look at your child. Moreover, aside from 3D ultrasounds and mobile in-home 4D ultrasounds, we can also assist in your gender reveal party planning and execution, and we even host baby showers!

How Does This Work?

We bring our high quality, portable ultrasound machine to your home, where you can view your baby moving in REAL TIME! Our Brooklyn NY based Mobile Ultrasound Company can perform your ultrasound in privacy of your own home. You can see your baby kick and smile on your own TV and share this unforgettable experience with the whole family.

YES!!! The WHOLE FAMILY can be there for your Baby’s 3D/4D/5D Ultrasound!

Your in-home ultrasound appointment includes 50+ images of your baby in 2D and 3D pictures. It also includes any 4D videos and Virtual HD pictures and videos of your baby.