Policy For 1st Glimpse 3D 4D Ultrasound Sonogram In Brooklyn

Take a Glimpse Into the Future

Making an Appointment

Be prepared to provide us 1 valid phone number and a $25 deposit to schedule an appointment
Please be responsible in choosing your departure time, considering the distance to our locations, traffic and weather, you need to be 10 min early for your appointment. Also, ask all your guests to be on time.

No Show

In case you don’t show up, any future services will be DECLINED and NO REFUND will be granted.
By “NO SHOW” you are obstructing other RESPONSIBLE women from enjoying the benefit of our services.
If you are 10 min. late and you don’t call, the session will be canceled. You are obstructing other RESPONSIBLE women from enjoying the benefit of our services.
Due to uncertainty of the fetus position expect 15-20 minute wait

For clients with extra high, unreasonable expectations or “bad guys”

We will solve any little conflicts, disagreements or dissatisfactions in the most positive way.
We reserve the right to STOP, TERMINATE or REFUSE services to any clients. Any intimidation tactics with BBS, Forums, Chamber of Commerce, etc, or scam tendencies will be presented to our legal department and we will take the strongest measures available offered by civil laws actions and will share our actions with media and all3D 4D Ultrasound Sonogram in Brooklyn facilities.

The Services

Are provided by Sonograph graduates from Medical Academies with solid medical background and experience. We are performing more than 100 scans per month so every few months we had and will have (as everybody does) an unhappy client that will want to ruin everybody’s good work. Please ignore them. Thank you.

For the Session

Do not eat anything heavy 2 hours before the appointment
Drink some fruit juice 20-30 minutes prior to the appointment unless otherwise ordered by your physician
Empty your bladder before leaving your home

Before session

Please inform us if you want the baby gender to be kept “SECRET”.
WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injuries happening to you or your guests, or an unattended CHILDEN during the session.
Please inform everybody to TURN OFF their CELL PHONES.
Food or any drinks are not allowed in the scanning room.

Picture quality

3D 4D Ultrasound Sonogram in Brooklyn Scan is a computerized Imaging process, completely different than live pictures taken so it has limitations. Do not expect to see a real like image. Use your imagination and have reasonable expectations. We promise that we will try our best to get the best images possible based on your existent body conditions. If we do not get “decent” images, we will bring you back for free of charge.
Example: Considering a face shut image, in our official perspective “decent” represent an image of at least half of the face, even if covered partial with a hand or portion of a foot, but you are able to distinguish the eyes very clearly or the nose and half of the lips, blurry or not.
If the baby does not show the face or you are not satisfied with the presented images during the first 3-5 min of the session, you can ask the sonographer to STOP the SESSION. It is YOUR duty to ask him/her to STOP. If you don’t do it we consider that you are OK, and we will continue the session.
There are NO two identical scans as there are not TWO IDENTICAL PEOPLE. Making comparisons with other peoples’ scans is WRONG…
To obtain very good images we need more than 30 elements, here are few of them:
The baby needs to be in a GOOD POSITION… with FACE UP and no legs or hands over the face, or the FACE TOUCHING the placenta…
Normal AMNIOTIC fluid index, greater than 14…
NOT A LARGE person … a thick adipose tissue will generate blurry images…
Large baby size, gestational diabetes, anemia, etc, will generate blurry images…
Scars from previous surgeries or GAS AND CONSTIPATION … will create many shadows…
Being at the SECOND pregnancy and the AGE will create a big difference in image quality… ETC.


The elected procedure does not substitute any MD diagnostic or indication for ultrasound: we do not provide measurements or determine due dates.

Hours of operation

We are open 7 days a week from 9AM to 6 PM, mainly by appointment. Sunday 9AM to 3PM, some discounts will apply for some weekdays.

How many guests may I bring?

We welcome your family and friends to share the joy of this once in a lifetime experience. We have comfortable seating for 5.
Children are welcome but with VERY FEW exceptions become restless and bored very quickly. Many parents cannot really enjoy seeing the new baby while wrestling with a crying toddler, trying to entertain a preschooler, etc.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for baby showers are available.


We can start scanning for gender at 14 weeks, but we DO NOT guaranty it up for patience under 20 weeks.


Many expectant parents schedule an ultrasound at around 16 weeks to see a cute little face and much of the body. They return at around 33 weeks when the finest details of the face can be seen. Women with twins should visit around 27 weeks.

Same day appointment

We can frequently accommodate same day appointments.



Cancelation Policy

We are a busy office, so we PREFER a 48 hours cancellation policy.


The Ultrasound Experience is safe for both mother and fetus, with some restrictions. In the 40 years since the ultrasound has been used and with billions of scans made, no maternal or fetal harm has been shown.


The patient must provide proof of service in order to get a repeat session. Proof of service is both a receipt and appointment card.
In order for us to repeat the session you MUST let us know right away before the sonographer prints the pictures. If you DO NOT let us know WE WILL NOT REPEAT the session.

The Sessions

The sessions starts as soon as enter the exam room and lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. However, we require 10 minutes for registration/eligibility and 15 minutes after the scan for printing pictures and formatting the DVD/CD.

Insurance & Payment

This elective procedure is not covered by insurance. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover. NO CHECKs or INSURANCE.


The private business status and the care for our clients offered us the possibility to purchase the latest ultrasound technology, usually more modern than that used in many hospitals or major medical practices, a fact that brings more safety and better quality to our work.