3D 4D Ultrasound Gives in Depth Look of Unborn

2d ultrasounds have been around in this country since 1970’s. They can be used to diagnose and confirm pregnancy, determine gestational age, estimate fetal size, locate the placenta, and check for multiple pregnancies or fetal malformations, among other things.

 3D 4D ultrasound scan allows parents to get in-depth look at their unborn child. Rather than a flat, two-dimensional picture of what is in the womb, the transducer, or probe, can actually take multiple pictures in a series, and then reassemble them as a 3-dimensional image. These images can then become dynamic with the use of 4D ultrasounds; movements and even facial expressions can be seen on the ultrasound images.

Although3D and 4D ultrasounds are often simply for entertainment only, and many obstetricians don’t offer them. However, there can be distinct benefits to receiving the more advanced 3D Ultrasound or 4D ultrasounds such as bonding and seeing the shape of your baby’s mouth and nose, or be able to spot her yawning or sticking her tongue out.

There are limitations to the diagnostic abilities of 2D ultrasounds. The 4d ultrasound scans can often pick up clearer images than the 2D ultrasounds, and they may also have a better picture of certain areas than the 2D ultrasounds do.

Bonding can also begin earlier for many parents with the use of 3D and 4D ultrasound scans. Often the sex of the baby may be determined earlier than with the traditional 2D ultrasounds, and many parents find that knowing the sex can help them begin to name and bond with the baby. Seeing most distinct facial features and even facial expressions can also be a very attractive proposition for many expectant parents.